Drive Angry poster

Drive Angry (2011)

1h 01 min

Hell-bent on rescuing his brutally slaughtered daughter's infant from the clutches of the demon-worshipper, Jonah King, and his occultist minions, the eternally condemned sinner, John Milton, breaks out of the nightmarish netherworld. Having less than three days before the next full moon to avert the unholy offering, Milton and the no-nonsense barmaid, Piper, set off on a desperate mission to save our world from everlasting damnation, in a fast 1969 Dodge Charger. Now, with the police hot on their trail, John and Piper must work fast against the clock to save the innocent baby, as a mysterious and powerful henchman known only as the "Accountant" will stop at nothing to put the insolent fugitive back where he belongs. Who steals from the Prince of Darkness?