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Along Came a Nanny (2014)

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The latest home invasion robbery in the Poplar Point neighborhood of Dillingham, Washington is the sixth in two months, this one the first that has left a resident, in this case Jim Donahoe, in the hospital, it uncertain how he will make it out if he does at all. As such, Mayor Laurel Danielson is coming down hard on police Sergeant Frank Milano for results in the case, the mayor who is currently facing reelection and falling in the polls against her primary rival, Gil McNamara. McNamara is largely running on a "safety" platform, safety which Danielson cannot claim, especially as Poplar Point is where she herself lives. With who has been the lead investigator retiring, Milano has both a senior position within the department to fill as well as the lead investigator position of what has now become the department's number one priority case, Poplar Point. Although not the best detective on the force if only going on case success, Mike Logan, who has no desire to get the senior department position, does campaign hard to get the lead for Poplar Point. Against the odds, Milano does appoint Mike the lead for Poplar Point based solely on Mike's idea stemming from the mayor's off the record, off the cuff remark that her nanny could solve the case faster than the police: that the lead go undercover in the neighborhood as a live-in nanny, or in Mike's case a "manny", which he is able to do with the help of an employment agency who has in the past supported the police in such a manner. Mike gets a job working for the Bannermans, husband and wife lawyers Kevin and Lizzie, looking after their two adolescent children Lucas and Ava, as the Bannermans have recently fired their last nanny, a young woman named Cookie. Mike believes the home invasion robberies are inside jobs and as such tries to get the confidence of especially the other neighborhood nannies as unofficial eyes and ears. In doing so, Mike makes a special connection with a young nanny, Jessie White, who enjoys playing amateur sleuth along with him. As Mike tries to make the connections between the players in the neighborhood who may have something to do with the home invasions, Mike, a confirmed bachelor in all its stereotype, still has to be a nanny, a job which he has no personal skills to be able to do and in this case which becomes all the more important in being a role model for both children, especially Lucas who is going through his own problems with bullies at school.