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A Summer Place (1959)

2h 01 min

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Self-made millionaire research chemist Ken Jorgenson (Richard Egan), a former lifeguard at the exclusive summer community on Pine Island, Maine, returns there 20 years later as a guest with his wife Helen (Constance Ford) and their 16-year-old daughter Molly (Sandra Dee). Ken reserves rooms at the home of jaded alcoholic Bart Hunter (Arthur Kennedy), who has lost the fortune built by his father due to mismanagement and bad investments. Bart has turned his mansion into a summer inn and thinks that Ken, who is a Swedish immigrant's son, is coming to gloat about their respective reversal of fortunes. Although Bart wants to refuse the Jorgensons the reservation, his wife Sylvia (Dorothy McGuire) insists that they are too much in debt to turn down paying customers.The Jorgensons arrive on the island by chartered yacht, a pretense insisted upon by Helen, who is obsessed with appearances and status. A shrewd, controlling and acrimonious woman who no longer sleeps with Ken, Helen tries to repress teenage Molly's budding sexuality and has burdened the family with her excessive bigotry and racism, making it difficult for the family to settle anywhere.At dinner, the boorish Bart tries to titillate Helen by describing his gardens as an "aphrodisiac." To smooth over Helen's obvious indignatio