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It's for Your Own Good (2017)

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Arturo, Chus, and Hipólito ("Poli") are brothers-in-law who co-exist peacefully. Suddenly, Arturo and Isabel's daughter Valentina decides at the last minute not to marry Agustín, leaving him at the altar for Álex, a young perroflauta (Spanish for dreadlock) and anarchist whose free ideals clash fiercely with the conservative Arturo; Chus and his wife Olga discover that their daughter Marta is dating troubled, drug-dabbling ni-ni (Spanish short for "ni oficio ni beneficio", equivalent to "without a penny to one's name") Dani; and Poli's daughter Sarai is dating Ernesto, a playboy who works as an artistic photographer and is actually Poli's former classmate--and Poli's wife Alicia knew about it and was hiding it from him. Believing that Álex, Dani and Ernesto aren't good for their lovely, perfect daughters, Arturo, Chus and Poli plot the way to stop all three relationships, not knowing the consequences that their acts will have for the family.