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Murder of a Cat (2014)

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At the start of the movie, a man gets in a car and speeds away. Eventually he runs into a man standing in the street.Clinton lives with his mother Edie, in the basement. He blames Ford's Megastore for the failure of his comic book store, and now he sells comic books and toys he made at a yard sale. A little boy isn't interested but wonders if the cat is for sale.No, Mouser is Clinton's best friend. But he is depressed and behaving strangely. The vet says that's normal behavior for a 17-year-old cat.One day Clinton finds Mouser in the street dead, with what appears to be an arrow sticking out of him. Technically, it's not an arrow, and it is sold only at Ford's. Clinton calls the cops, and Sheriff Hoyle doesn't take the case very seriously. He is attracted to Edie, though. And the press is quite interested in this "oddball". Clinton becomes a front-page story.Sheriff Hoyle tells Clinton to let the real cops investigate. And when did anyone listen in any movie or TV series when told this?Clinton sees a flyer for a lost cat. It's Mouser. When he goes to the address on the flyer, it's an assisted living facility. He finds the specific room, which has numerous photos of Mouser. But it turns out the resident who owns the cat is a beautiful young woman named Greta, with tattoos and dark