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Carry on Don't Lose Your Head (1967)

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Duke De Pommefrite (Charles Hawtrey) is the next target who is due for beheading shortly.Ffing and Darcy get Camembert's guillotine to malfunction & then as a bet get him to behead his own executioner & escape with Pommefrite. Pommefrite is an influential leader of the French nobility and hence an important figure for the revolutionists to get rid of. The revolutionists believe that the Black Fingernail had a role in helping Pommefrite escape.Ffing and Darcy use various disguises to fool Camembert and use him to get out of Paris, which is heavily blockaded, & get into Calais, from where they get into a boat to escape France and into England with Pommefrite. During his escape from France, Ffing meets his true love, Jacqueline (Dany Robin)