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Arachnoquake (2012)

1h 01 min

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Earthquakes begin occurring in New Orleans as the result of a fracking operation. Bus driver Charlie is called in replacement for another driver who is out sick, and has to drive a group of cheerleaders. In the meantime, his wife Katelynn, and children Justin, and Annabel go on a bus tour around the city. On the bus, they meet the driver Paul, whose family, consisting of sister Petra, and father Roy, run a boating tour business in the swamps. Among the other guests are couple Ernie, and Tina, and an old man whom Paul nicknames "Gramps". The group has an encounter with several giant albino spiders, and stop at a drug store to grab bug spray. However, more spiders invade the store, killing Gramps, and a clerk, and the group is eventually forced back to the bus. They drive to the marina where Roy, and Petra work, the both of whom are already aware of the situation. After Ernie is abducted by a spider, the survivors flee on Roy's boat, and soon run aground in a nearby forest. Tina is thrown from the boat during the crash, and is dragged away by another spider while the others flee into the woods. Meanwhile, Charlie's bus is attacked by the spiders, and he crashes it into a tree. He, and the cheerleaders manage to stay safe inside as the spiders encase the bus in webbing, although a g