How to install a game

Many of the games in torrents are in .ISO (wikipedia) format.

An ISO image is a disk image optical discs. In other words, it is an archive file that contains everything that would be written to an optical disc, sector by sector, including the optical disc file system. ISO image files bear the .iso filename extension.

Inside the downloaded ISO image are all the data for installing the game. File: setup.exe. But first, you need to open the .ISO image. How to open ISO files you can read here (wikihow) . To open, you will need WinRAR (wikipedia) . You can download WinRAR from the official website .

  • Often, to install pirated software you need to disable your antivirus before you start installation;
  • In many of today's games, you can play only single-player. Multiplayer will not be available.

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Published on 24 August 2018 • Last updated: 24 August 2018