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Bubble Boy (2001)

1h 01 min

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On his way to save his love from marrying the wrong man, BB (Bubble Boy) encounters adventures very rare for a young man in a bubble whose system could not tolerate even one germ:. A bus load of cult members who boot him out of their bus when he accuses them of being a cult.. A motorcyclist ex boy friend of his mother (who is in hot pursuit) who gives him a ride.. Joins a band of freaks on a train who he saves from a vicious dwarf.. An East Indian ice cream vendor who gives him a ride until an unfortunate encounter with a cow.. Mud wrestles scantily clad beauties in order to win $ 500.00 to pay Pappy, an older person, to take him to Niagra Falls in his jalopy.BB gets a lift in an air plane (piloted by Pappy's brother, Pippy) and bails out over Niagra Falls, goes over the falls, and races to the church just in time to stop the marriage ceremony and marry his one true love after finding out his mother deceived him about his condition.