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Zandy's Bride (1974)

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It's the late nineteenth century. Trying to develop a ranch on an isolated and rugged property in Big Sur country in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Zandy Allan answers the newspaper advertisement of a woman, Hannah Lund, living in Minneapolis looking to get married to a western homesteader. Zandy is looking more for someone to help on the ranch than he is a wife, although one of her "duties" is to bore him a son. While they do not get off on the best start in she being a good ten years older than she stated at age thirty-six, closer to the end of her child bearing years than the beginning, they nonetheless decide to go ahead with the wedding. The question then becomes if they can ever bridge their differences to make their relationship work, Zandy who has very specific views of life on the ranch with his wife, it modeled on his parents' marriage, Ma Allan if being truthful would probably say that theirs is nowhere close to being even a remotely good model, while Hannah is not the subservient wife Zandy expected, she with her own wants and needs which she is not afraid stand up to him to get.