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A Troubled Mind (2015)

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Tragic times appears in a young kid's life Richard Wells Jr. when he witness a murder committed by his father in the moment of anger and frustration which leads his life to destruction. His life starts off as a nice quiet kid at the age of 15. One morning the father gets up angry when he sees the next door neighbor dog in his yard. This is something that has been going on for several weeks and the father Richard Wells Sr. is a very upset individual. This leads to a murder by his father which is seen by his son after the mother goes to the hospital from a heart attack. The father is taken to jail where he spends his life in prison and the son is taken to a children's home after the mother supposedly died. When the Richard gets to the Children's Home he is approached by the owner Ms. Wellington with discuss! She basically tries to get revenge on him because his dad killed her brother. Richard and his friend Eric sneaks into the bedroom to look at some important documents she had lying around. Ms. Wellington catches only Richard in the room. There is a fight in her bedroom between her and Richard and Ms. Wellington ends up getting stab. Richard makes a run for it and his life starts here as he's chased by the Chief Of Police Chief Flemmings!