Dracula's Dog (1977) poster

Dracula's Dog (1977)

1h 01 min

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While blowing up a field, soldiers find an underground cave with several graves in it. The commander assigns one soldier to stand guard overnight in the cave until an archaeologist can be brought in. There is a tremor, and one coffin falls off on the floor. The soldier opens the coffin and removes a stake from the corpse of a dog. Immediately, the dog revives and attacks and kills the soldier. Then the dog releases another body and when the stake is removed, a man revives but they leave the cave, which is collapsing. Inspector Vaclav Branco investigates the site and discovers that members of the Dracula family who were vampires were buried in the tomb. He notes that the Draculas' servant Veidt Smit is missing and burns the bodies. Then he travels to the U.S. to seek out the last living mortal descendant of the Dracula family, Michael Drake, to warn him that Smit is looking for him. Meanwhile, Michael is traveling on vacation with his wife, children and dogs in a camper while Veidt Smit and the dog Zoltan are stalking Michael.