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The Seven Year Hitch (2012)

1h 01 min

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Jennifer returns home from a day out with Bryce and feels an emptiness without having Kevin around. She slowly sees that Bryce does not really prioritize her at all, and that to him, his business partners and associates are more important. At the wedding run through, Bryce accidentally blurts out that the engagement ring he has given Jennifer is the biggest rock at the jeweler's, contradicting what he previously told her. He doesn't even remember what he told her when he proposed, that the ring was his grandmother's and that his grandfather carried it all the way across the continents and would have gone further for the woman he loved. Jennifer realizes that he has been lying to her and that he is not the one she wants.This feeling is further strengthened when she voices out to Bryce that she doesn't know any of the guests, but he brushes it off saying that they are partners of his firm. Jennifer then asks him what her favorite color is, to which he vaguely responds that he doesn't know and that it doesn't matter. After hearing to his answer, Jennifer drops her engagement ring into Bryce's drink and leaves. She rushes over to Jeremy's house where Kevin is staying at, but Jeremy tells her that he is at the bus station leaving for school to finish his degree. She arrives at the bus station just as the bus leaves. She is disappointed that she didn't manage to catch Kevin but then she finds him still at the station. She admits her feelings for Kevin and the two share a kiss.The film ends with Jennifer and Kevin's wedding. Mr. Davidson, Kevin's investor, is a guest at the wedding and states that he will see Kevin's game at the store by Christmas. Sally and Jeremy put aside their differences and get together. Kevin finally kisses his lawfully wedded wife as their friends and family watch on.