Cai li fa xiao zi (1976) poster

Cai li fa xiao zi (1976)


Zhong Jian (Alexander Fu Sheng), a young cocky carriage driver saves a young woman from a street punk (Leung Kar-Yan). Jian easily defeats the punk, rather than killing him, Jian lets him go. Big mistake, the punk stabs Jian and runs. Being a minor wound, Jian recovers steadily.Jian lives with his uncle in a small tenement building, although the neighbors aren't keen on his wild cocky ways. Even his Kung Fu teacher refuses to teach him for messing around with street gangs.For the next couple of days the street gang, lead by Feng Tian-Shan (Wang Lung-Wei) go to regain face by destroying all the street carriages looking for Jian. Eventually they find him and manages to put up a decent fight against most of the gang. When Jian is confronted by Feng, he does attempt fight Feng, but it suddenly shows that he's no match for this Gang leader, he's only just saved from his Kung Fu teacher.The teacher admits he can't beat Feng, but he thinks there is hope Jian. He leads Jian up to a small remote area in the mountains where a Shaolin Monk lives. The monk agrees to teach Jian the style of 'Choy Li Fut'.At first Jian is only being taught how to carry two buckets of water for ten miles to be only told to do it again. As you can expect Jian doesn't stay long and return back to his home town. But he only returns to find out that his teacher has been brutally murdered by Feng. Jian looses his temper and returns to the mountains to complete his training and seek revenge against Feng Tian-Shan!