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Heaven Can Wait (1978)

1h 01 min

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"This isn't what I thought would happen to me." Heaven Can Wait (1978) by Elaine May and Warren Beatty is a Fantasy Rom-Com about a Super Bowl-destined quarterback "Joe Pendleton" (Warren Beatty) who is prematurely removed from his body by a well-intentioned angel. Unable to return Joe to his now cremated body, the angel places Joe into the body (and life) of a recently murdered millionaire "Leo Farnsworth," whose conspiring wife and lover are shocked to see him back among the living. Joe (as Leo) purchases the L.A. Rams football team and sets out to get Leo's body in shape with his former friend and trainer "Max Corkle" (Jack Warden), so he can lead them to victory. In the meantime, Joe falls in love with environmental activist "Betty Logan" (Julie Christie), who speaks out against Farnsworth's corporate policies. Ultimately, this story seems to be about second chances-in life, love, ambition, and murder-and maybe even a tiny suggestion that heavenly beings can also make mistakes. The ticking clock of the murderous Mrs. Farnsworth eventually succeeds in killing Leo, before the Super Bowl, and into the surprising twist of how Joe actually gets back in the game...and back to Betty.