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Limerence (2017)

1h 01 min

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Rosemary is an aspiring painter who moves to Venice Beach at the encouragement of gallery owner Jack, whom she met long ago. When she arrives on his gallery doorstep, Jack has a vague recollection of who she is. Alone in Los Angeles's Westside, Rosemary's only friend is Leo, who lets her stay with him in what appears to be the floor of a rather odd commune. She dyes pink streaks in her hair, and boom. She's now at her new home. She meets the handsome Tom and as pretty people in LA do, they immediately hook up and...wish each other a good life. Creeped out by her strange flatmates, Leo takes her to his latest gig as the most popular Bar Mitzvah DJ in Los Angeles. As fate would have it, Tom is the co-owner of Jack's gallery, and to her delight, the two will now work together. The deal is, as long as she gets gallery work done first, she's free to be artistic on her own time in hopes of being part of the gallery. Finding renewed inspiration, our heroine begins to sketch and paint, but after an incident of sexual harassment by one of Leo's roommates, she moves in with Tom, and the two become a thing.