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Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015)

1h 01 min

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David Manning brilliantly prepares to succeed his tycoon father Ellis as CEO of an investment firm. Bumping into childhood acquaintance Callie Shaw, an aspiring chef recently employed as dishwasher at the country club thanks to her decoration-expert father Frank, he is charmed and seeks dates. Hearing about the club's annual ice sculpting competition and knowing she's expert at it, he enters her, which she fears makes her look disloyal to her dreaded boss chef Gloria, thrice winner, who refuses to let her bail out 'as if under pressure'. David neglects doing his share a major account to train as Callie's partner in the competition. Invited for a home dinner, David even befriends widower Frank and volunteers to turn into reality Frank's late wife's charitable dream. Gloria's jealous deputy stops at nothing to sabotage Callie, whose work ethic impresses the chef.