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A Majestic Christmas (2018)

1h 01 min

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It's the approach to Christmas. Architect Nell Harper works for a New York-based real estate redevelopment consulting firm, her oft views of heritage preservation not meshing with the company or therefore their clients' priorities. In her first assignment as project manager, she is to work on a building in her home town of Briar Falls: the Majestic Playhouse. The new owner Connor Martin, a non-Briar Falls resident who inherited it from the longtime owner, his Aunt Emily, wants to redevelop the property into a multiplex. Despite not agreeing with the general redevelopment seeing as to the importance of the playhouse to Briar Falls, it the town centerpiece where most community oriented functions are held, including many of the Twelve Days of Christmas Festival events capped off with the Christmas Pageant and Tableaux on Christmas Eve, Nell accepts the assignment. In meeting Connor, Nell finds that he is purely financially motivated and quick to jump to conclusions, in her mind often the wrong conclusions. And in heading back to Briar Falls, she finds that most of the town's residents - her friends and family - are also against the redevelopment but do not hold it against her personally. She also learns directly from Connor that he is not and never has been a Christmas person, but she is able to convince him to allow the town to continue with most specifically the Christmas Pageant and Tableaux at the playhouse for this final season. In the process of Nell trying to get Connor to fall in love with the Christmas traditions of Briar Falls and with Christmas itself in trying to soften his stance on the playhouse redevelopment, the two start to fall for each other. Beyond the actual redevelopment itself, Nell has to decide whether to take a personal chance with Connor seeing as to his stated future of moving from town to town across the country to work on redevelopment projects, which doesn't fit with Nell's own perceived future, and one action by Connor which makes her question whether she can trust him.