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One Winter Proposal (2019)

1h 01 min

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It's been one year since Cara Reneau and Ben Livingston met, and Ben, for their anniversary, has rented the same chalet at Clara Lake where they met for the occasion. While they have managed to develop a loving relationship despite the distance in Cara having accepted the position in the graduate program at Berkeley, their friends, Megan and Sean, could not maintain such a relationship back in Seattle in conflicting schedules, especially problematic when Megan took on the project manager position at another women's magazine, Hayley Layne, she, in the process, not only agreeing to any work asked of her, but volunteering for extra assignments. On this vacation, Cara and Ben hope to be able to set in motion steps for Megan and Sean at least to revisit their relationship, Megan and Sean who have to take the other steps from there. While this trip to Clara Lake is primarily a vacation, Cara has to go through and approve the final mock-up of her mystery novel before it's published, and Ben has a meeting with potential investor Porter Mason, financing from who Ben is reliant to get his new snowboard company, named Charmed, off the ground. Ben also plans on a grand gesture of proposing to Cara while at Clara Lake, something that Cara believes she's discovered. While Ben fakes Cara out with the proposal time after time while at resort, their future as husband and wife is not only affected by their professional futures which are uncertain, but by Ben reading into something in Cara's manuscript which he believes is a harbinger of their real life.