Curse of the Blood Ghouls (1962) poster

Curse of the Blood Ghouls (1962)

1h 01 min

Wolfgang [Walter Brandi] and Louise [Graziella Granata] are newlyweds. They're holding a ball in the castle they just renovated. What they don't know is that a vampire [Dieter Eppler] has moved into their wine cellar. When the vampire wakes up, he too attends the party, asks for one dance with Louise, and then leaves. Louise feels faint and decides to go to bed. The vampire pays her a visit. The next day, Louise is looking pale. Dr Hant thinks she might be anemic. A few bites later, Louise isn't getting any better, so Dr Hant suggests calling in Dr Nietzsche [Luigi Batzella] from Vienna. By the time Wolfgang and Dr Nietzsche get back from Vienna, Louise is dead. Wolfgang goes to the bedroom, but her body is gone. That night, while Wolfgang is grieving in the garden, Louise sucks out some of his blood. Dr Nietzsche performs a blood transfusion using the gardener's blood. He then finds Louise's coffin and drives a stake through her heart. The vampire turns to the maid Corinne. Corinne gets a bite out of Wolfgang before Dr Nietzsche can destroy her with a cross. More transfusions for Wolfgang. Feeling better, Wolfgang takes the gardener's little girl Razi for a walk in the garden. The vampire lurks. Wolfgang carries Razi to safety in the wine cellar. The vampire follows. Wolfgang impales the vampire on a wrought iron grate. By the time Dr Nietzsche and the gardener get there, the vampire has turned to dust.