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Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists (2000)

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Those familiar with the Sinbad films of the late 20th century, featuring the Dynamation effects of Ray Harryhausen, will be dazzled by this newcomer. This first animated feature film by India-based Pentafour Software is also the first-ever full-length film to pioneer the complete use of 3-D motion capture technology. Motion capture uses infrared cameras to track the movements of live actors, which it then converts digitally into animated characters. The effect is a cartoon with a human look. Facial expressions are lifelike; gestures are fluid. Computer-generated scenes are rich in color, depth, and realism. The technology was used, in part, in the movie Titanic, yet its full potential is realized here in this fantasy-adventure tale based on the Arabian Nights character. On a beach near her palace, the beautiful and spirited Princess Serena discovers the shipwrecked Wizard Baraka. Unaware of his evil intentions, she leads him to the castle to meet her father, King Chandra. Under the guise of goodness, the wizard gives the king a potion that immediately allows Baraka to switch identities with the king. Possessing the king's appearance, Baraka throws Chandra into the dungeon with Serena as the only witness to the wicked masquerade. She escapes with one clue to save her father: she must search the ends of the earth for the Veil of Mists, where she can find an antidote to reverse the wizard's spell. Her accomplice is the legendary sailor, Sinbad, whose mercenary motive at the story's beginning ("I don't do damsels in distress," he says) eventually gives way to blossoming love. In the meantime, families will relish the shipwrecks, sword-fighting, and sea creatures.