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Nightbirds (1970)

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Dink (Berwick Kaler) is a young man wondering the dirty streets of London when he becomes sick and vomits on the sidewalk. A striking but haunted young blond woman named Dee (Julie Shaw) sees him and rushes over to help him. They make small talk where they introduce themselves and Dink tells Dee that he just turned 20 and he is currently homeless because he just flew the coop from his "extremely dominant" mother. Dee offers Dink her place to stay in for a while, and desperate to have a bed to sleep in, Dink agrees. They walk a few streets and arrive on the top floor walk-up of Dee's squalid apartment overhead some street stores along Dean Street. Immediately, a malevolent romance between the young man and woman begins.Dee seduces the impassive Dink, although her advances unnerve him. Dink tells Dee that he has never done anything like this before (and implies that he may be homosexual). But Dee tells him to just lie still as she has her way with him. Over the next several days, the romance between Dink and Dee continues as their intimacies deepen the bond between them, but the more they reveal to each other, more things begin to unravel.Dink soon becomes jealous of Dee's relationship with her lecherous landlord, Ginger, while Dee meddles with Dink's friendship with a daffy old maid. It is soon revealed (to the viewers) that Dink is the naïve and innocent one while Dee is a crafty black widow; determined to use and devour her prey. At one point, Dee stands unimpressed as a trembling Dink sinks to his knees to orally satisfy her.One day, the troubled couple venture out of their apartment to wonder the streets. Dee encourages Dink to steal a blanket from a local fabric store since their bed does not have one, but Dink gets caught and beaten up by the shopkeeper. Afterwards, the couple play an obsessive game of worship on the rooftop of Dee's flat, but Dink becomes self-conscious, throwing Dee into a rage. The tone grows more desperate. "That's why you love me" says Dink of Dee's jealousy. "Let's not grow up", Dee says in response.After Dink leaves, Dee shows her most darkest side when she kills a wounded pigeon, named Homer, that Dink has taken in, by breaking the birds neck and twisting the head off. Dee then returns to her flat and for no good reason, turns on Dink telling him that he must move out. Shattered, Dink stumbles up to the rooftop to find his mangled pigeon. He slips and falls off the roof to his death on the street below.In the final scene, a 12-year-old boy wonders the streets with a plastic garbage bag containing his belongings. When he drops his back and has to pick up the contents, he looks up and Dee is standing before him which reaches down and asks: "Can I help you?" Dee makes a wicked smirk as she has just found her newest victim to corrupt and destroy as she makes a sinister "hee-hee" laugh. Freeze frame. Fade to black.