El (1953) poster

El (1953)

1h 01 min

In Mexico, the wealthy, religious and leery middle-aged Francisco Galván is battling in the justice to retrieve the possession of real-estates that belonged to his ancestors in the beginning of the Twentieth Century. When he sees the young Gloria Milalta in the church, he becomes obsessed by the woman, unsuccessfully courting and stalking her. He follows her and sees Gloria with her fiancé and his acquaintance, the engineer Raul Conde, having lunch in a restaurant. Francisco schedules a ball at his mansion and invites Raul and as the night progresses, he seduces Gloria. They get married and on their honeymoon, Gloria discovers that Francisco has a sick jealousy towards her. As time goes by, the emotionally unbalanced Francisco oscillates between a passionate husband and a disturbed paranoid.