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California Suite (1978)

1h 01 min

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Four sets of people arrive in California and stay at the same hotel. One of these people is Hannah Warren (Jane Fonda) from New York City, who has come to take her daughter Jenny (Dana Plato), who ran away from her and would like to stay with her father Bill (Alan Alda). So Bill and Hannah spend the day bickering while trying to decide what's best for their daughter. Another one is British actress Diana Barrie (Dame Maggie Smith), who's nominated for an Academy Award and is attending the ceremony with her husband Sidney Cochran (Sir Michael Caine), who is not in the (entertainment) business. As well as two doctors, Willis Panama (Bill Cosby) and Chauncy Gump (Richard Pryor), and their wives. Chauncy has been complaining all of the way, and when they arrive, they learn that only the Panamas have a room, but the Gumps are forced to stay in a small single. Finally Marvin Michaels (Walter Matthau), who came to town for his nephew's bar mitzvah. Knowing that his wife is not with him, his brother Harry (Herb Edelman) takes him out for a little carousing, and when he returns, he finds a hooker waiting for him. The next day, his wife arrives.