Trilogia II: I skoni tou hronou (2008) poster

Trilogia II: I skoni tou hronou (2008)


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A., an American film director, of Greek descent, returns to the studios in Rome in order to continue shooting a film he had interrupted for some unknown reason.The film is the story of the love of a woman, his mother, for the two men she loved to the very end and who loved her to the very end.The characters in the film lose each other and find each other again, seeking each other in a journey in space, time and the great events of the last half of the 20th century in Siberia, North Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany, America. From the death of Stalin, the Watergate scandal and Vietnam to the fall of the Berlin wall, the new era and the traumatic refutation of the dream of a better world at the turn of the century.As though in a dream, A. recalls people and events in the past and painfully relives them in the present. In a deserted Berlin at the dawn of the 21st century, the snow falls silently on time past and time passing, on the universe.