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Parched 2: Hangry (2019)

1h 01 min

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Ligi is a social media extraordinaire, a travel vlogging influencer with a huge following. She is continuously fielding questions from her "adoring fans" about her group of friends, who occasionally pop up in her posts - like her sardonic bestie Charlene, the empathetic nurse Ez, and the fun-loving Renaldo. So, she elects to take them all to a lake house for a weekend of pure partying, to capture funny, telling moments on camera. Her crew of eight travels to the rustic little bungalow, situated right on a gorgeous body of crystal clear water. One of the guys in her posse is Xavi, a chemist who may be a little too obsessed with his work. In fact, he brought along an orexogenic (appetite stimulant) formula to tinker with while there. The newest addition to the gang is Shonda, a voluntary patient at a facility where Ez is employed. She has a somewhat mysterious, and definitively dicey, past. Nonetheless, once they arrive, they all head into the refreshing water and the wet fete has officially begun.The first night there, Ligi assembles the group around the fire pit and has them tell any spooky, "true" stories they know (while they get inebriated, naturally). Oya (who is one-quarter Nigerian and never lets anyone forget this) relates a tale his grandfather told him about a spirit summoning in Africa. His girlfriend, the fame-hungry, aspiring actress Tela Storé, tells a story about a group of local kids who drank poisoned water from a stream and killed one another. Shonda unfurls an eerie anecdote from her past, hinting at serious abuse. Everyone is a little thrown off. Later that night, Renaldo snatches Ligi's camera and records a drunken conversation with Xavi, who explains that his formula is too potent, and is actually intensified by water. Xavi passes out, and Renaldo seizes the opportunity to bring a highly intoxicated Shonda to the dock for some friskiness and skinny dipping. She accidentally knocks Xavi's chemistry kit into the lake...The next morning, the team is looking the worse for wear. Renaldo swears the best hangover cure is a dip in the lake, and everyone eventually hops in - except Ligi who can't mess up her hair (as she obviously needs to be 'camera-ready' at all times). Renaldo coerces Ez to toss the still passed-out Xavi into the lake, and when he wakes with a splash, he panics as he realizes that his chem set is missing. Renaldo fesses up to what happened, and Xavi freaks out, telling everyone to evacuate the possibly contaminated water. Once they are all out, Xavi calms down, and tries to downplay the possible severity of the situation. Yet when they see Shonda voraciously foraging for breakfast leftovers, they realize something is truly amiss. Soon all hell breaks loose, and everyone is gorging themselves on any food they can find, completely insatiable. Oya attempts to drive everyone to the hospital - but Xavi has hid his and Ligi's keys, as he is terrified that he will get into trouble for taking the chemicals from the lab (which he didn't have clearance to do). Before anyone can devise another coherent plan, they become too ravenous to control themselves. They now seek flesh. The only two who didn't get into the water are Ligi and Renaldo, and it's now up to them to not only survive this horrendous night, but to try to protect their now homicidal friends from one another...