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Reevolution (2017)

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REEVOLUTION is Spain's most ambitious independent film project and most likely a world record breaker in terms of production's results with an extremely low budget. With a total budget of 5.977 euros, of which 4.338 have gone to pay taxes and administrative charges, REEVOLUTION manages to be a 101 minute action thriller film with: more than 80 locations, 50 actors and 130 extras, dialogues in over 10 languages, 1 hour of deleted scenes and around 200 special military props, weapons and special vehicles. ....and all of this with a net budget of 1.639 euros. Reevolution is a suspense and action film with a political and social plot at the background which many people consider the first artistic work proposing an economic, political and philosophical solution to the European crisis. The most sensational "media crime" investigation of history has started. In Re-evolution the flashbacks and the interrogatories weaves, challenging the audience to rebuild the story of four individuals whose lives, stricken by the crisis, have arrived at their limit. Four suspects accused of having freed humanity. Written more than 15 years ago, it takes almost 5 years of preproduction, 2 months of shooting, and more than 2 years of postproduction. A life time work that tries to Re-evolve the way films are done, the boundaries of visual quality, traditional narrative, and let's hope, that it will revolve... you. I hope that you may enjoy this movie and all that it represents. David Sousa