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SAGA: Curse of the Shadow (2013)

1h 01 min

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Keltus decides to follow the agent for the vessel, while Kullimon wants to follow the orcs. The orc is disapointed, that Keltus is leaving Nemyt to a terrible fate after she did her part to help him. Keltus excuses his behaviour with his responsibility to the prophetess.Keltus can catch up with the Shadow agent, who tells the knight, that he will belong to Goth Azul, since his soul is empty. Keltus wants the vessel back and attacks the agent. He loses and is stabbed. In addition he is cursed with the mark and unable to attack the agent any longer, since his faith is too weak. The agent goes away with the blood and the vessel, leaving Keltus to die and to become an undead servant of Goth Azul. Keltus prays to his prophetess to save him, but she and their goddess turn him down and forget him.Meanwhile Kullimon gets closer to Mulgrut's horde. He has to cross a lake and is nearly killed by evil mermaids. Mulgrut's horde is taking a break, and Mulgrut wants to abuse and torture the captive Nemyt. Kullimon arrives just in time, challenges Mulgrut and kills his former captain. He refuses the cursed horde, and tells them that his revenge is now complete. Mulgrut suddenly comes back to life. As a shadow warrior he can't be killed, he explains. Kullimons frees Nemyt and wants to leave. But the elf wants her sword, takes a knife from Kullimon and runs to the horde. She stabs Kethku (James Gaisford), Malgrut's captain, several times insanely, since that orc hurt her badly at Garret's Crossing and also intended to abuse her. She gets to her sword, kills many more orcs