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Story of a Love Affair (1950)

1h 01 min

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In Milano, when the wealthy and jealous entrepreneur Enrico Fontana discovers hidden photos of his gorgeous twenty-seven year-old wife, Paola Molon Fontana, he hires a Neapolitan detective agency to investigate her past. Enrico, who owns twenty companies, married Paola during the war in March 1943 and her past is unknown to him. Detective Morale Carloni is assigned by his boss to head to Ferrara, where Paola studied at the technical school after leaving her hometown in Rovigo. During his investigation, Carloni discovers that Paola, when she was a teenager, dated many youngsters and her best friends were Matilda Calvani and Giovanna Carlini, who died seven years ago two days before her wedding with Guido. He gets the address of Guido with Matilda's father but his wife sends a letter to Guido advising him that the police was investigating him. Guido travels to Milano, where he meets Paola after seven years to show the letter. When they see each other, their old passion reignites; but Carloni is still chasing the truth about the tragic accident with Giovanna.