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Jindabyne (2006)

2h 01 min

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In the Australian town of Jindabyne, the former race champion Stewart Kane works in a gas station with his partners and friends Carl, Rocco and Billy. His strained marriage with the unstable Claire has an unresolved issue - Claire left him when their son Tom was born. Stewart's great passion is fishing and he organizes a weekend fishing trip in a remote river with his three friends. On Friday afternoon they park the car, hike and make camp. While fishing, Stewart finds the naked dead body of a young Aboriginal woman floating in the cold water. Stewart ties the leg of the woman to the riverbank and they spend the weekend fishing. On Sunday afternoon, they return to the parking area and report their finding to the police. When the press releases the information, their public and private lives are deeply affected and Claire questions Stewart's attitude while trying to help the family of the dead woman.