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One Way Street (1950)

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After stealing a gangster's money and his girlfriend, a doctor heads for a small village in Mexico.


Shortly after a bank robbery, gangster John Wheeler and his henchmen hide in a small apartment, awaiting for the rest of the gang to arrive. Also in the apartment are Wheeler's girlfriend, Laura and the gang's surgeon, Dr. Frank Matson. Wheeler asks Dr. Matson for a few headache pills. After taking the medication, Wheeler is shocked to find out that he has been poisoned by the doctor and he will die in 48 hours unless he receives the antidote from Dr. Matson. Matson takes the bag containing the bank loot and also asks Laura to join him in escaping the gang. The doctor tells Wheeler that he will give him instructions via a phone call to help Wheeler find the antidote once the doctor will safely be far away with the bank loot and the girl.Wheeler has no choice and allows Dr. Matson and Laura to leave the apartment with the bank loot. However,their getaway is fraught with unforeseen dangers, including a vengeful Wheeler who is determined to recuperate his bank loot and his girl and kill Dr. Matson.