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Traveling Light (2021)

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A father searches for his missing son while working as an Uber driver during the pandemic. He encounters a cult leader and followers holding a ceremony. Social disorder spreads amid news of George Floyd's death.


Traveling Light tells the story of Caddy (Tony Todd) over a twenty four hour period on May 30th 2020 as he searches for his missing son who has been living on the streets, while working as an Uber/Delivery driver during the early days of the Pandemic in Los Angeles. His path crosses Harry (Danny Huston), a cult leader who is holding a bizarre happening/ceremony up on Mulholland drive where Todd (Stephen Dorff) and Mary (Olivia d'Abo) are attending as acolytes. All the while news of the horrific murder of George Floyd reverberates around the city as the social fabric collapses and we realize we are witnessing the end of an era... Funny and frightening in equal measure, Traveling Light is a Bunuelian satire of bourgeoisie life in Los Angeles at a moment of extreme crisis.