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The Spanish Dancer (1923)

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A costume drama based on the adventures of Maritana, a Gypsy dancer, who is in love with Don César de Bazan, a penniless nobleman. Don César is arrested for dueling and sentenced to die when he intercedes on behalf of Lazarillo, a lad who was cruelly beaten by the captain of the guards. Maritana implores Queen Isabel of Bourbon to save her lover's life, and the queen induces the king to pardon him. Maritana and Don César are married. However, the king is attracted to Maritana and lures her to a hunting lodge, where Don César, who escapes jail, arrives in time to save her from his advances. The queen arrives, stirred by jealousy, just as the king and Don César engage in combat. Maritana's quick wit saves the king from disgrace, and as a reward he restores Don César's estates to him.