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Delgo (2008)

1h 01 min

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The opening credits show the sky filled with clouds, and then large amphibian-looking whale creatures soar through the sky. The view then transitions to the ground, which is teaming with all kinds of strange wildlife.Outside is a man is teaching a child to play ball.Then a voice-over occurs, contrasting two lands. The Lokni and the Nohrin are two different types of people that inhabit the land. The Lokni are ground dwelling humanoids that are bald and vaguely reptilian. The Nohrin are similar to the Lokni, but they have wings and are somewhat more mammalian-looking.The lands that the Nohrin come from have become increasingly inhospitable and the Nohrin King Zahn (Louis Gossett Jr.) was able to make a deal with the Lokni to settle in their land of Jhamora. However, as their land becomes less and less habitable, more Nohrin have to relocate at eventually, there is not enough room in Jhamora for them. The leaders of Jhamora refuse to let any more Nohrin enter. The Kings sister, Sedessa (Anna Bancroft) takes this conflict as an excuse to lead a bloody struggle to claim Jhamoran land without the Kings consent, slaughtering innocent Lokni people and starting a war. For this crime, the King strips Sedessa of her title, and takes away her status in the royal family. At night, Sedessa att