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Do Not Disturb (1965)

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American couple Mike (Rod Taylor) and Janet Harper (Doris Day) move to England for Mike's work at his company which deals in wool textiles and wool fashions. Mike wants them to live in a flat in the heart of London, but Janet, who is not a big-city girl, finds them a house to rent in Kent, 30 miles outside London, meaning that Mike must commute to town by train. This isn't ideal for Mike, who, for convenience, often stays in one of the company's flats in town rather than going home; this makes Janet feel even more neglected. Janet believes Mike may be taking his neglect to the next level by having an affair with his secretary-quickly-turned-assistant, Claire Hackett (Maura McGiveney). Janet's beliefs are fuelled in part by the Harpers' busybody landlady, Vanessa Courtwright (Hermione Baddeley), who thinks that Janet can play Mike's game by entering into her own affair--imaginary or real. It has the potential to be real with the arrival on the scene of Frenchman Paul Bellari (Sergio Fantoni), an antiques dealer and decorator Janet hires to decorate the house. Although neither Mike nor Janet had any initial thoughts of cheating on the other, Claire and Paul might have different thoughts, especially when Claire with Mike, and Paul with Janet, are thrown in to one compromising positi