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Tiger 3 (2023)

2h 01 min

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In 1999, a teenage Zoya witnesses her father, ISI agent Rehan Nazar, die in a bomb blast. After his funeral, she is visited by Nazar's protege, Aatish Rehman, who convinces her to join the ISI.In the present, Avinash "Tiger" Singh Rathore is called for a mission by RAW chief Maithili Menon to rescue Tiger's former handler Gopi Arya, who was captured in Afghanistan after trying to extract information from the Taliban about a mission being planned in Pakistan. Following his rescue, Gopi reveals to Tiger that Zoya is involved in the planned mission and succumbs to his injuries. Tiger begins to spy on Zoya, and is later assigned to safeguard a RAW agent named Jibran Sheikh in St. Petersburg, Russia, who worked with Gopi and escaped to the country after being discovered in Pakistan. Tiger witnesses Zoya's attempt to assassinate Sheikh; after saving him, Tiger is captured by Aatish, who reveals that he enforced Zoya to assassinate Sheikh by near-fatally drugging and kidnapping her and Tiger's son Junior. In a flashback twelve years prior, It is revealed that Aatish sought to derail a peace treaty between India and Pakistan in Vienna by assassinating the Indian Army General. After refusing to cooperate with the plan, Zoya covertly informs Tiger. Aatish's pregnant wife Shaheen Baig, atte