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Shootout at Wadala (2013)

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Manohar Arjun Surve, better known as Manya Surve, is a bright college student in love with Vidya. He lives with his mother and stepbrother Bhargav Surve, a local goon. Manya is arrested by Inspector Ambolkar for being on the spot when his brother killed a goon; he's humiliated, taken from college, and put in jail where Bhargav gets killed by Potya while Manya is saved by Sheikh Munir. Manya and Sheikh Munir escape from jail and reach Bombay, where they meet Zubair, who asks them to join his gang, but his brother Dilawar disapproves of him. Manya then decides to form his own gang with Munir and Vira, later joined by Gyancho and Jamal. Manya and his gang members become top criminals on Inspector Afaque Baaghran's Wanted List. Inspector Baaghran must find a way to stop the menace.