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The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)

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He thinks it must be his dress. By way of explanation he says Of course you dont dress this way in your country, but you see we dont dress your way in England. His English humour is lost on his audience. Actually, minus his goatee, he has a striking resemblance to the soon to be crowned king of the principality.While fishing in what turns out be to extremely troubled waters, he is spotted by the king and his body guards, an old Colonel and his aide, the young David Niven, also out hunting. The king Rudolf V and the commoner Rudolf stare at each other. The king, who has already had a few, says, "It is too early in the day to be seeing double. On comparing notes they find out that they are cousins, far, far, far removed. Rudolf with his typical British humour says We owe this kinship to your great-great-great-grandfather Rudolf and my great-great-great-grandmother Amelia."The king is delighted and says, then you must attend my coronation tomorrow, but