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He Went That Way (2023)

1h 01 min

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The film opens as Bobby (Jacob Elordi) drives a severely wounded, possibly dead man, through the desert while nonchalantly discussing the Hoover Dam. Bobby pulls off the road and dumps the body from his car before driving off.A few weeks earlier, in the Summer of 1964, Jim's (Zachary Quinto) car breaks down while driving east on Route 66 through Death Valley, California. He brings it to a mechanic shop run Willard (Christopher Guyton) who is able to keep the car running for a steep price and off-handily mentions Jim's cargo. Before leaving the shop, Jim calls his wife and business partner Esther and suggests he take a detour to visit someone named Saul, but Esther chastises Jim, pointing out she put a lot of work into forming this plan to make-up for Jim's lack of work.While talking with Esther, Jim notices Bobby attempting to hitch a ride to Michigan and then antagonizing Willard. Jim offers Bobby a ride who accepts, telling Jim his car broke back in Death Valley.Bobby mentions that he is heading to Michigan to attend a homecoming with his girl, while Jim admits he picked up Bobby because he is running behind on a trip to Chicago and may need someone to help with driving to make up some time. While on the road, Jim and Bobby small talk but the conversation turns tense when Bobby