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Killdozer (1974)

1h 01 min

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This 1974 made for TV movie opens out in space. A rock tumbles on a collision course with Earth. The pulsating blue rock lands on an island off the east coast of Africa. It cools to a light rusty brown. The Warburton Oil Resources Company has a small construction crew on the island preparing the site for an oil exploration operation. Lloyd Kelly (Clint Walker) is driving a jeep to check on progress. He passes Chub Foster (Neville Brand), a maintenance mechanic pumping fuel into a pickup truck. He passes Dennis Holvig (Carl Betz) operating a large, orange Bucket Shovel. He stops near an idled Catepillar Grader. Beltran (James T. Watson Jr.) is sitting on the fender. Kelly asks, "What's the hang up, Beltran?" Seems the Grader needs the assistance of a D9 Bulldozer to get him up a hill but it hasn't shown up to assist. Kelly calls Mac on the radio, but there is no answer. McCarthy (Robert Urich) is with Dutch Krasner (James Wainwright) checking out an abandoned building. The island was a refueling station during World War II. The island is six square miles in size and two hundred miles off the coast of Africa. Kelly drives off in search of his missing man. Kelly finds McCarthy and Dutch rummaging through an abandoned locker. The crew has five days left to prepare a base camp for an