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Stalking Laura (1993)

1h 01 min

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At 22, Laura Black seems to have it made. After graduating UC-Davis in engineering, she leaves her parents' home in Virginia to head for KEI Systems, a Silicon Valley hi-tech firm specializing in defense contracting for the armed services. On the first day at her new job, her supervisor, Chris, introduces her to Richard Farley, a software engineer employed in a division outside Laura's. After lunch that day, Richard invites Laura to a tractor pull, which she turns down. Farley appears to think nothing of it at first, but the worst is yet to come.Laura soon finds a roommate & starts settling in at KEI, during which Farley continues to offer his attentions with nothing more harmful than baked blueberry bread, sitting in Laura's office awaiting her arrival at 7 a.m. But when Laura gets involved with the company's aerobics classes, Farley can soon be seen stealthily watching from outside. While at a company softball game, Farley approaches Laura & asks to go out later to 'discuss the terms of our relationship'. Laura angrily chews him out and insists there is no 'relationship', other than a professional one. Her best friend, Glenda Moritz, tells Laura if Farley is becoming a problem she should address it with management, after which she cracks a joke and the two of them start laughin