The End of Man (1971) poster

The End of Man (1971)

1h 01 min

A naked man comes out from the sea of Santos and wanders, affecting the locals. A crippled woman runs from her wheelchair; an abducted girl and her mother that is near to be raped are saved by him. In return, she gives a red Indian clothing and turban to him. When a policeman asks his name, he entitles himself as Finis Hominis (The End of the Man, in Latin). The press promotes him as the new Messiah and he saves a girl covered in blood in a hospital, forcing the doctors to submit her to a surgery. He rescues an adulteress from her husband; he meets a group of hippies that show greed, instead of peace and love. Then he saves an impotent cuckold that has catatonia and will be buried alive. The police department invites Finis Hominis to give a show to help them to raise money for their hospital. When Finis Hominis tells that he will leave the city, a crowd of worshippers follow him to hear his last speech.