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Romance with a Twist (2024)

1h 01 min

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The Hazelton Festival of Arts has gone through a few rough years, but Gabby, who is given the assignment to manage it this year by her boss Katrina, thinks that her novel idea of having acts of a professional paired with a local, amateur or professional, will give the show the needed kick-start to get it back on track. One of the acts she has already arranged is an aerial performance on the silks by her professional brother, Bennett, a former Olympic gymnast turned aerialist with an artistic circus troupe, his partner to be his regular partner Elise who qualifies as that local as living in Hazelton when they're not on the road. But when Bennett arrives back in town and announces that Elise has dropped out due to other commitments, Gabby is determined to find a local replacement, otherwise the act has to be dropped, the former option which doesn't sit well with Bennett who doesn't want to train someone else on such short notice. With the auditions having gone terribly, Gabby believes her friend Luna would be the perfect person. Luna, who came back to town to work for her family's construction company which was awarded the contract of any necessary construction work for the festival, is a former dancer, dancing which she doesn't like to let known still being her passion. As Bennett