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Horrors of the Black Museum (1959)

1h 01 min

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HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM In London a delivery truck pulls up in front of an apartment building and the postman (Frank Forsyth) delivers a package to Gail Dunlap (Dorinda Stevens), who signs for it and takes it inside. Her roommate Peggy (Malou Pantera) encourages her to open it and find out who sent it. It is revealed to be a pair of expensive binoculars. Gail takes it over to the window to have a look. Suddenly she screams, holding her hands over her bloody eyes and collapses on the floor. Peggy screams and runs out the door for help. The binoculars are shown to have two sharp-pointed awls which were spring-loaded and released into her eyes when she turned the focus knob.At Scotland Yard, Peggy answers questions from Supt. Graham (Geoffrey Keen) and is escorted out the door by Insp. Lodge (John Warwick). Before the door can be closed, in comes Edmund Bancroft (Michael Gough) who is scarcely welcome. Asking to see the binoculars, Bancroft says that the murderer must have seen them in the black museum of the police. He suggests maybe a disgruntled policeman might be the culprit. Graham asks if that will be the subject of his next article in the newspaper. Bancroft reminds them that they do not control the writing of his column, books or newspaper articles which are always accur