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Patiala House (2011)

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1979 Southall, London, UK.Gurtej Singh Kahlon, 34 years of age has just completed his shift at the Woolfe Rubber Factory. He will slowly walk back home. He will ignore the gora kid walking with his mother, pointing at him the funny brown man in the turban. He will cross the street when the group of white disgruntled, unemployed factory workers will try and provoke him into a confrontation. He will enter his warm cozy home and sing happy birthday to his six year old son Gattu. He will shield his family when the shards of shattering glass will threaten to injure them. He will chase the gora hoodlums who threw the rock shattering the glass window. He will break open his gora skull with his bare hands. He will protect his family. From now on, he will protect his family.1994 Southall, London, UK.Parghat Singh Kahlon (Gattu,) age 17 years old has just given his father Gurtej Singh Kahlon an official letter. He will watch his father read every word. He will watch his fathers eyes brimming with rage. He will hear his father reminding him of the struggle against the goras. He will see his father tear his dreams into pieces as the official letter is thrown on his face.2010 Southall, London, UK.Parghat Singh Kahlon (Gattu,) age 34 years has just woken up like he has every morning for the la