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The Dark (1979)

1h 01 min

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The film opens with the following prologue read by a narrator: "On our planet, hundreds of species of animal, plant, and insect life protect themselves by using their ability to change their color or shape, to blend into their surroundings. Many other species are capable of killing their prey by use of electric shocks, acids or poisons. Of the millions of planets capable of supporting life in the universe, it is a certainty that hundreds of thousands have developed species of life with characteristics similar, and possibly more dangerous, than those found on our own planet earth. It is also a certainty that not all alien encounters will be friendly!"One night, a young woman, Shelly Warner (Kathy Richards), is attacked and beheaded by an unseen and super strong being while walking down a dark sidewalk in Santa Monica, California. Meanwhile, at a yacht party, aspiring actor Randy Morse (Jeffery Reese) approaches a psychic named De Renzey (Jacquelyn Hyde), who foresees a deadly incident in his future, but does not alert the young man.The next day, Roy Warner (William Devane), an author who writes under the alias Steve Dupree, is informed of his daughter's murder. When Roy arrives at the morgue to identity the body, Detective Dave Mooney (Richard Jaekel), the officer in charge of She