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Relentless (1989)

1h 01 min

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After Arthur "Buck" Taylor (Judd Nelson), son of a deceased police officer, is turned down by the police academy as psychologically unfit for the force, he telephones Todd Arthur (Patrick O'Bryan) and leaves a message on his answering machine, threatening to kill him that night. Todd goes to the police, only to be told they are short on staff and to leave the machine's cassette tape. Todd returns home, where Buck kills him with a steak knife. The murderer leaves a note reading, "Catch me."The next day, Sam Dietz (Leo Rossi) arrives at the station as a newly promoted detective. He and his partner, Bill Malloy (Robert Loggia), are assigned to Todd's murder case. At the crime scene, Dietz figures out what transpired, but Malloy warns him to wait for laboratory reports before making any conclusions.Meanwhile, at the firing range, Buck remembers how his alcoholic and abusive policeman father, Ike Taylor (Beau Starr), took him shooting when he was a small boy, and beat him for missing the target. Buck was also forced to run an obstacle course while his father fired bullets over his head. No matter how well Buck did, Ike would beat him for being too slow. Buck goes home and picks Angela Taylor's (Harriet Hall) name from the telephone book and prowls on her roof. Hearing a disturbance, s