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Avalanche Express (1979)


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At a gathering of high-ranking Soviet Union officials in Moscow, General Marenkov (Robert Shaw), the head of the government security agency K.G.B, reveals that there has been a breach of Project Winter Harvest, a plan to establish a Soviet network of biological warfare devices throughout Europe. After the meeting, Marenkov requests that the Project's Director, Colonel Nikolai Bunin, travel to Zurich, Switzerland, to assist in trapping the suspected culprit, a spy known by the code name Angelo.At a train station in Switzerland, a team of American intelligence agents, led by Colonel Harry Wargrave (Lee Marvin) and his associates, Elsa Lang (Linda Evans), Leroy (Joe Nameth) and Neckerman (Arthur Brauss), retrieves the latest cassette tape sent by their Soviet informant Angelo. The tape is discreetly transferred among Wargrave's team until it reaches the hands of Haller, the superior officer, who is waiting on a private jet. After decoding the recording, Haller, Harry and Elsa listen as Angelo announces that this tape will be his final one and requests that the Americans meet him next Friday in Milan, Italy, during the noon tour at the La Scala opera house. Angelo explains that the position of the militarist hardliners is becoming more powerful in the Soviet Union, and subsequently P