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Home for Christmas Day (2017)

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In the military town of Garland, Wisconsin, realtor Jane McKendrick's life revolves her high-school-senior daughter Betsy McKendrick, who plans to enter veterinary college after she graduates. Betsy never knew her father, David McKendrick, an Army Sergeant for whom Jane left college; he died in the line of duty when Betsy was a baby. While Jane has instilled in Betsy the notion of being able to achieve anything in life, she has also instilled a sense of fear of love in her; Jane herself never allowed herself to fall in love again after losing David. In Jane's overly protective nature, Betsy has not told her mother that her thoughts are not to attend a college in Garland or elsewhere in Wisconsin, but one of the more veterinary-centric colleges in California. In the lead-up to Christmas, Betsy meets Tyler Sloane, an Army Private recently posted to the local base. Although Tyler quickly learns of Betsy's post-graduation plans and Betsy learns that Tyler will soon be deployed overseas into active duty, this information does not stop them from falling in love with each other. When Jane learns of Tyler in Betsy's life, she tries to end things between them before Betsy gets hurt which is not as simple as telling Betsy to stop seeing Tyler before his deployment. Regardless of if Tyler i