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Avalanche (1978)

1h 01 min

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Caroline Brace (Mia Farrow) checks into the newly opened ski resort owned by her ex-husband, David Shelby (Rock Hudson). Delighted to run into her former mother-in-law, Florence Shelby (Jeanette Nolan), Caroline joins her on a tour of the facility with Florence and David's accountant, Henry McDade (Steve Franken). To increase publicity of the resort's grand opening, David has invited winter sports stars such as a ski jump champion named Gary; the downhill skier and notorious playboy, Bruce Scott (Rick Moses); and Olympic skaters Cathy Jordan (Pat Egan) and Annette River (Peggy Browne).Greeting Caroline, David relates his pride in the resort and the struggle it took to build it, noting that he may be implicated in an investigation of a planning commissioner. Putting his woes aside, he expresses his desire to reconcile with Caroline. Meanwhile, on the skating rink, Cathy stumbles at the end of her routine and despite her coach's assurances, she worries that she'll never get it right.Out on one of the resort's hillsides, McDade and Florence encounter Nick Thorne (Robert Forster), a nature photographer who warns that the removal of the trees is rendering the slope unstable. Vowing to remind David of the environmental hazards at the resort, Nick tosses a snowball that easily rolls dow